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Upskirt Collection

See a huge collection of upskirt content that features a little bit of everything.

Upskirt Collection
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Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.0
Site usability4.0
Content amount4.5
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.5
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Upskirt Collection Overview

Upskirt Collection is more than just a small collection of upskirt pictures. They want to cover every angle of the niche so they offer true voyeur shots, posed shots and a variety of hot pics in other categories. Theyíve even expanded beyond upskirts to include pictures of chicks in tight jeans and sexy shorts. Basically, any time a hottie goes out in public wearing something slutty thereís a good chance sheíll end up in the memberís area of Upskirt Collection. Watch out ladies!

They provide photo galleries and video clips in each content section, although judging by the tour it seems like this is mainly a video site. Theyíve only got a few photo galleries listed but you can preview each of the more than 400 upskirt video clips that have been uploaded so far. Thatís a ton of content and they promise daily updates, so it seems like itís only going to grow larger as time goes by. By all accounts this is going to be one of the finest upskirt sites on the web, but only time will tell.

Members Area of the Site

The memberís area of Upskirt Collection looks almost exactly the same as the tour. The layout is unchanged Ė all the content links are in the same place Ė and the only real difference is what content is displayed. They keep a tighter control on what you see on the tour in order to present their best content right up front. Upon logging in youíll see the first page of the upskirt video collection. There are more than 430 movies in that section alone so youíll see just about everything thatís possible in the upskirt arena.

Members area of Upskirt Collection #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Upskirt Collection #2
members area screenshot #2

Some of the videos are better than others and itís difficult to tell from the two preview photos which ones are going to be worth your time. In truth, the amateur videos where the girls are being filmed without knowing are pretty wretched. The camera is really wobbly and youíre lucky if there are a few good seconds in the clip. Typically the camera is moving so much that you can barely see anything. Iím not sure if theyíre using some sort of shoe cam or simply moving fast so they donít get in trouble but it doesnít look great.

The staged scenes are far more impressive because the video quality is better, the girls knows just how much of herself to show off to entice and titillate you and more often than not theyíre not wearing any panties. If youíre a huge voyeur fan then youíll be pleased with the wobbly, hand held scenes and if not youíll like the setups. Either way upskirt fans win. They also offer a selection of 65 picture galleries, all of which are posed. I was actually surprised not to find amateur pictures because theyíre much easier to take.

There are four other categories of content at Upskirt Collection and while theyíre all smaller they still provide compelling content. The tight jeans section offers more than 45 videos and shows hot girls wearing super tight jeans. Itís pretty simple stuff but itís awfully compelling. Once again there are staged and candid videos, but this time around theyíre not trying to get the camera up the girlís skirt so itís better.

The panties & bikini section is awfully small, which is disappointing because itís incredibly hot. There are 11 videos and a few of them feature a hot chick simply dancing in her lingerie, which is great. There are more than 100 picture galleries in this category and theyíre where the action is at. Many of the galleries are filled with candid or homemade shots and thereís nothing finer than an amateur girl posing in a sexy bikini.

The sexy shorts section features women posing inÖsexy shorts! As youíd expect denim shorts make up a huge portion of the content but theyíre all about variety here and they mix it up nicely. Thereís one video with a hottie walking around a department store wearing a skin tight bicycle racerís outfit that has been cute nice and high on her thighs. Itís so tight that you can easily see her camel toe as she walks around the store. There are more than 300 photos in this section as well and the vast majority are candid shots captured on the street.

The last content section is called upblause on the site, which translates to up blouse. These are essentially videos of hot party babes showing off their tits. Youíll see chicks at Mardi Gras lifting their shirts for beads, babes at bars showing off for the crowd and more. These are all amateur videos as itís just about the easiest thing in the world to get a chick to show off her tits these days.


Upskirt Collection is an enormous site. Itís one of the best Iíve ever seen in fact and they continue to update it on a daily basis, growing the collection further. Even if youíre not a huge upskirt fan they provide other types of content that will tickle your fancy. The tight jeans, sexy shorts and up blouse sections are totally different and will keep you entertained. The bread and butter is the upskirt videos though, and if the preview pictures shown on the tour impress you then the memberís area wonít let you down.

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Free Picture Galleries

Here are few sample picture galleries from Upskirt Collection site. You should visit a site if you want to get more galleries.

Upskirt Collection Gallery 1: Girl Posing Outdoor
Girl Posing Outdoor

Upskirt Collection Gallery 2: Babe Posing on a Street
Babe Posing on a Street

Upskirt Collection Gallery 3: Babe Posing in a Jeans
Babe Posing in a Jeans

Free Video Galleries

Here are few sample movie galleries from Upskirt Collection site.

Upskirt Collection Gallery 1: Blonde Upskirt Movies
Blonde Upskirt Movies

Upskirt Collection Gallery 2: Blonde Babe in a Park
Blonde Babe in a Park

Upskirt Collection Gallery 3: Babe Without Panties
Babe Without Panties

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