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Public Invasion

Apparently hotties will do anything for money, including fucking in public.

Public Invasion
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Site quality5.0
Update frequency4.5
Site usability4.0
Content amount4.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.5
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Public Invasion Overview

Public Invasion is built around the notion that some women are super sluts and are willing to have sex anywhere with the proper incentive. Of course that incentive is always a wad of cash and itís no surprise that girls are willing to get wild and crazy for a couple of Benjamins. Public Invasion claims that their sex scenes arenít staged and at the very least you can believe that the locations arenít staged. Everyone one of these places is real; theyíre not renting an entire restaurant just to shoot a fuck scene in the bathroom.

Sometimes they fuck indoors in a place like the aforementioned bathroom but just as often they take the party outdoors. Thereís sex in an open field; sex on a bridge; sex in a car; sex in any number of other places where they could very easily get caught. Iíd imagine that part of the fun for these girls is the thrill of doing something so naughty and dangerous. The tour is quite generous, offering you a free look at each update that has graced the pages of the site. You can watch free trailers and see small screencaps.

Members Area of the Site

Public Invasion really is a remarkable site and although itís not unique itís certainly at the top of the genre. The memberís area begins with the latest update. There are two huge pictures right at the top of the page and a description just below them. Youíll find links to the content and then youíre free to browse the rest of the recent updates. New scenes are added on a weekly basis and have been since they launched more than two years ago. There are now a grand total of 108 updates at Public Invasion and each is a uniquely sexy experience.

Members area of Public Invasion #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Public Invasion #2
members area screenshot #2

Most scenes at Public Invasion begin with the man behind the camera approaching a beautiful girl and flirting with her. She seems flattered by his come on and when he offers her money in exchange for a free romp on her body she accepts (I imagine they donít want to show the videos where the girl slaps him across the face). Almost immediately after that the girl shows her tits to the camera and the fun begins in earnest.

They make use of a variety of locations. Most scenes begin outdoors, presumably because thatís where most of the girls are. The first tit sighting is usually outdoors as well. Sometimes they go indoors for the more intimate contact but if theyíre in a secluded enough spot theyíll fuck right in the open. Those scenes usually take place in a field of some sort. I did see one that took place in someoneís back yard with cars driving by only a few steps away.

My favorite scene takes place on a bridge and stars a gorgeous girl with strawberry blonde hair. She and the man with the camera had a nice stroll where they talked a little bit about a lot of things. When they got to the bridge he made his move, offering her cash in exchange for a fuck right there. After showing us her tits the girl dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. It was a hell of a blowjob and it got him excited enough to bend her over the bridge and fuck her sweet pussy from behind.

That scene is still sitting on my hard drive, just waiting to be watched over and over again. When youíre browsing the content youíll see a link that points to a high quality picture gallery, but it doesnít exist and it couldnít given the nature of this site. What they do have is a screencap gallery, and although it exists itís not all that useful. The images are relatively tiny at 640x480 and if youíre looking at the screencaps you might as well download the video. The trailer is useful for assisting you in your scene choice.

The videos are the real reason to join Public Invasion. Theyíre beautiful at 640x480 and are available in multiple formats. For those of you that donít mind waiting theyíve divided each scene into three large clips all available in WMV. For those of you that need instant satisfaction they have one minute clips available in MPEG. All the clips look good so itís a matter of personal preference.

Joining Public Invasion gets you full access to the Big Ass Pass, a network of four hot sites. The other three sites all feature the same design and implementation so they will feel familiar. Each offers high quality reality content and each occupies a separate niche. Thereís a big assed anal sex site, a lesbian site and a big tit site. When you combine all four sites youíve got complete coverage.


Public Invasion stands high above the majority of sites in the public sex genre. The girls they find are incredibly hot and theyíre always willing to act incredibly slutty in public. The sex takes place in restaurant bathrooms, open fields, bridge overpasses and countless other locations where someone could very easily catch the loving couple. Thatís part of the excitement and you can see that the girls are getting off on it. As a member you get bonus access to three quality sites, making this a great value.

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