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Orgy Sex Parties

Groups of 6 to 16 people and have hardcore sex together.

Orgy Sex Parties
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Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.0
Site usability4.0
Content amount3.5
User rating *5.0
Overall rating4.5
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Orgy Sex Parties Overview

Itís no small feat to put together a high quality orgy scene. First thereís the matter of cost. Itís not cheap to pay a small army of performers, especially since we know these people arenít doing it for free. Second, itís not an easy logistical thing to pull off. Itís hard to film all the proper angles and make sure that everyone gets equal screen time. Plus, you have to make sure you capture the hottest parts of the orgy and youíre typically doing it with one camera. Iím glad I donít have to produce such content.

Iím also glad that Orgy Sex Parties has taken it upon themselves to fill that rather large void. They seem to have access to and endless supply of hot chicks and they happily bring them in to fuck and suck on camera while the rest of us watch in awe. The guys are the lucky ones here, getting to fuck a bunch of different hot chicks in one night. The site offers full length videos in HD for members, which is an attractive proposition. If youíre looking for a sample they offer free trailers on the free tour.

Members Area of the Site

There are so few high quality orgy sites itís always nice to come across another, and Orgy Sex Parties definitely goes on the list. It begins with the design, which is slick and simple. The latest update is always listed at the top of the page and below that are the three top rated scenes as voted on by members. The main page also features links to recent updates from the rest of the reality network that you join when you become a member. There are more than 30 sites in that network so get ready to enjoy a wealth of hot content.

Members area of Orgy Sex Parties #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Orgy Sex Parties #2
members area screenshot #2

There are 57 group sex scenes at Orgy Sex Parties and that number grows every week with a new addition. They list 12 parties per page and for each thereís a small picture, the date on which it was added and links to the picture and video pages. I like the pictures they provide for each scene, although theyíre hardly the reason youíd pay to join this site. Theyíre medium resolution at 800px and in general the quality is good. They should be bigger, but theyíre not small enough to be useless so Iím not complaining.

The pictures tell the story of each update and Iíve found them most useful as a primer while Iím waiting for the video to download or buffer if Iím streaming. Itís nice to be warmed up a little before entering into the realm of filmed entertainment. Most scenes at Orgy Sex Parties feature at least three women and three guys getting it on. Thereís usually a few other guys standing around watching the fun and enjoying a drink. For some reason they donít get to participate. There are larger scenes though; the biggest Iíve seen is 16 people all fucking and sucking like mad.

Itís not easy to film a scene with so many people but they do a good job. They switch between wide shots showing the whole room going at it and close shots of one particular couple fucking. They never stick with anything for too long so itís impossible to get bored. Around April 2007 Orgy Sex Parties switched from standard definition to high definition and with that switch they made each new scene downloadable. Before it had been streaming only and for the old scenes it still is (change that already! Youíre just being fucking cheap!).

In theory the new HD scenes are all supposed to be downloadable (there are 26 so far) but in practice thatís not the case. For some reason the download options have been disabled for all but three of the scenes. I presume thatís going to change at some point since they say so in the memberís area, but I canít be sure. Nevertheless, each new scene is available for download so as a member all fresh updates will rest on your computer. If youíre on a fast connection you wonít have any trouble with the streams as theyíre the most well implemented Iíve come across in my time reviewing sites.

The girls they bring in for these scenes are generally super hot porn star types. They have nice big tits, tight asses and mouths that will suck a man dry. Everyone typically gets a chance to fuck everyone else in true orgy style. The guys are all skilled at staying hard and not blowing their loads for as long as is needed, which is always a good quality for a male porn star to have. In truth these are the best orgy scenes Iíve ever laid eyes on.

Orgy Sex Parties is also about the bonus content as they offer you access to more than 30 reality sites. Itís one of the largest reality networks on the web with more than 2,000 scenes to watch. The entire network made the switch to HD at the same time and by now theyíve built up quite a collection. If you havenít yet been introduced to high definition content now is as good a time as any to start.


Iíve already said it by Iíll say it again. Orgy Sex Parties has the best orgy scenes Iíve ever watched. I love the hot girls, I love the well hung guys and their ability to fuck all night and I love the high definition videos. Even the older, standard definition clips look pretty good at 640x480 (itís just a shame you canít download them). Iím also impressed that they update ever week. Itís not easy putting together this kind of content so kudos to them for pulling it off. The bonus reality sites are just icing on this very tasty cake.

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