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My Spy Vids

Hot sluts suck and get fucked by one very lucky, very horny young man.

My Spy Vids
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency4.5
Site usability4.0
Content amount4.5
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.0
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My Spy Vids Overview

The genius behind My Spy Vids has built a massive collection of hardcore videos featuring him and a nice selection of gorgeous young girls having hot sex. The idea is that heís installed hidden cameras in his house that capture all the action when his ladies come over. However, itís clear from the previews that some of these scenes are filmed with handheld cameras. If the girl is looking at the camera while sucking dick you canít claim that itís a spy video. Nonetheless, that doesnít stop these scenes from looking super sexy.

The one certainty is that this guy has access to a load of hot chicks. Each babe that comes through his bedroom is gorgeous and theyíre all quite enthusiastic about sucking and fucking his cock. Variety is a big deal here as well. Thereís a preview for a scene in which a girl is tied to the bed and her mouth gagged while he fucks her tits and pounds her pussy. He then blows his hot load all over her face while she moans into the gag. I know thatís one of the first scenes Iíll be checking out once I head inside the memberís area.

Members Area of the Site

The first page of the memberís area is actually a huge advertisement for the other sites in the network. If youíre looking for more amateur/voyeur porn itís a good place to turn, but youíre probably interested in seeing the content you paid for, so feel free to skip over the ads and get down to business. There are more than 150 scenes at My Spy Vids and each features a good looking chick fucking the man you saw on the tour and his friends, on occasion at least. Itís a hot site because the girls are young and sexy, but itís not quite what they promote it as.

Members area of My Spy Vids #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of My Spy Vids #2
members area screenshot #2

They make a pretty big deal on the tour of all the spy cameras he sets up in his house before bringing his ladies home. Some of the videos appear to be filmed from a static cameraís perspective but just as many are clearly done with a hand held camera that the girl knows about. It undercuts the notion that this is a spy camera site, but if you look over the tour itís quite likely you wouldnít have believed that notion in the first place.

For each scene there are six preview pictures and a description. Thereís also a small box where you can leave a rating, but thereís no way to view the ratings so Iím not really sure why they bother including it. The videos range in length from 5-30 minutes depending on how long the guy can last. He seems to take his time in some cases and in others just wants to decorate the girlís face. Everything on the sexual spectrum is covered in these scenes, from standard pussy pounding to amazing anal sex to bondage. There are a few scenes where he brings out his ropes and ties the ladies up before fucking them.

The videos are high quality AVI files that run at 640x480. They look fantastic, even those that are filmed with the static spy cameras. The download speeds are a little slower than I would have liked but at 200-300kb/sec it doesnít take long to bring down any of the files. In general the ladies here are exceptionally good looking and although I canít say for certain that My Spy Vids is produced in Europe but I get that feeling. The ladies seem more elegant than your typical American porn stars and many have that distinct Russian look. Iíve always been a fan of European babes so thatís a check mark in the positive column.

Itís unclear how often the site is updated. They donít date the content and thereís nothing to denote which scene is the latest update, when you can expect another update, etc. Itís not a huge concern though, because there are more than 150 updates in the archives, leaving you with well over 50 hours of entertainment. I admire the consistency of My Spy Vids. In each scene the same guy is fucking a new chick. The wacky looking dude on the tour gets to bone a series of smoking hot babes. How does one man get so lucky?

On occasion heíll bring in another guy or two to give a girl all the cock she can handle but most often itís just him and a hottie, which leads me to my final point. My Spy Vids is a terrific site, but itís not really a spy cam or voyeur site. Instead itís a college girl sex site. Most of the babes he brings in are 18-22 years old and they all put on world class performances. If you like that kind of site then this is right up your alley. If youíre genuinely looking for a spy cam site then you should look somewhere else.


My Spy Vids is not really what it wants to be. The original idea was to have hot spy cam videos featuring a lucky man boning lots of hot young chicks. Somewhere along the way they decided to scrap most of the spy cam idea and simply film him fucking these chicks as if it were any other porn movie. They do it very well Ė the girls are hot and the sex is passionate Ė but itís not really a voyeur site. In half the videos the girls are looking directly into the camera while they suck and fuck. It all depends on what youíre expecting.

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