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Change Room Hunters

Girls get changed in the locker room and these hidden cameras capture what does down.

Change Room Hunters
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Change Room Hunters Overview

Most adolescent males have fantasized about having a secret way to look into the girlís locker room and see all that goes on. They want to see lovely babes stepping out of the shower and drying off their beautiful bodies. They want to see girls in panties and they want to see if the girls ever do the naughty things they imagine, like towel fights or spontaneous lesbian kissing. If youíve ever had that fantasy then Change Room Hunters is the place to watch it comes to life.

They have placed hidden cameras in a variety of locker rooms, capturing the activities of girls from all over the world. They take showers, get changed, rub lotion on their soft and sensual bodies and so much more. Youíll see their tits all the time and on occasion a girl will step into the perfect position and her pussy will be right there in your face. Sometimes the girls are awfully playful in the shower and youíll find that their hands get a little bit frisky. Itís pretty hot watching a girl soap herself up as well.

Members Area of the Site

Change Room Hunters is a video site. Each of their cameras captures high quality movies and the only pictures they offer are screen captures, although theyíre surprisingly good looking given the source. The memberís area is very well designed and easy to use. Youíll find the latest updates on the main page along with the content stats, links to the top 20 pictures of all time and the latest news. If youíre a first timer then why not check out the top pictures or videos to see what the members think is the best of the best.

Members area of Change Room Hunters #1
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Members area of Change Room Hunters #2
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When Change Room Hunters was first launched they only featured videos in the locker room. As the site has expanded so has their number of cameras. Now they film from multiple locations and even include hardcore sex in the showers. The site now has 762 downloadable scenes and 26,371 screen captures (all that is as of November 13, 2007). The numbers go up every 3-5 days as theyíre continually bringing in new content and passing it out to the members.

You browse the content by using the search function. If you donít want to do any searching then you can simply browse by the date on which the videos were added. It would be foolish to do that though, considering the options they offer you. First, you can narrow down the videos by age range, body type (slim, average and chubby) and by the number of people in each scene (solo girl, girl-girl or 3+ girls). The latter doesnít take into account the hardcore shower scenes, however.

You can also search the videos by where they were shot. The pool camera is inside the locker room at a local swimming pool and it captures ladies changing before and after an invigorating dip in the water. Thereís a lot of towel action in these scenes as the beauties have to dry themselves off. The fitness camera is placed in the locker room of a gym and it features quite a bit of showering. The ladies come in after a workout and are sweaty and dirty. There are a few scenes from the fitness cam where the babes step right in front of the camera and offer an amazing close up view of their intimate parts.

The shower room category actually pulls videos from several cameras. These are all fairly similar, with girls getting clean while the camera watches. They scrub their pussies, rub their tits with soap and sometimes two girls jump in and shower together to save time. The shower cam also captures the few hardcore sex scenes at Change Room Hunters. The sex is usually hot, especially when the guy picks up his woman and holds her against the wall while fucking her tight pussy.

The most important element of any voyeur site is whether or not it seems like the participants know the camera is there. I think itís a bit of a stretch to believe these people donít theyíre being filmed Ė especially in the 170 HD videos, which require a pretty nice camera Ė but not once will you catch someone looking directly at the camera. Sometimes their eyes will pass over it but thereís no indication that anyone knows theyíre performing. Itís so damn hard to find true voyeur content thatís itís a real pleasure coming across a site that does it so well.


Rest easy, Change Room Hunters is a genuine voyeur site, or at least as close as you can come to one within legal boundaries. The site is all video content with screen captures for those of you that insist on still images. Each video comes in at least two resolutions and two formats and some are available in HD. Most scenes are pretty short, but thatís not surprising because it doesnít take very long to change your clothes or wash off after an intense workout. For voyeur fans this one is a must see.

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