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Beach Hunters

True voyeur content of hot chicks getting naked at the beach.

Beach Hunters
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Site quality3.5
Update frequency3.0
Site usability4.0
Content amount3.5
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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Beach Hunters Overview

True voyeur content is awfully difficult to find. Thereís the legal angle: youíre opening yourself up to a lawsuit if you film someone naked and then post that film on the internet. Thereís also the difficulty of finding naked chicks that you can actually film. Itís not all that easy to look into someoneís bedroom while theyíre fucking so youíre not going to find that kind of porn. Beach Hunter is a surprisingly sexy site featuring hot chicks getting naked at the beach.

Sometimes they strike gold and find more than just ladies getting naked at the beach. Sometimes couples get naked together and are so overcome with passion that they hook up without even looking to see if anyone else is there. Thatís the advantage of a hand held voyeur cam and thatís why Beach Hunters is such a big time site. There are thousands of members already signed up and they seem to enjoy what the site has to offer. Itís a pretty big collection. Read on to find out just how big.

Members Area of the Site

When you log in youíll notice that the memberís area looks exactly the same as the tour page. Many previews are designed to fool the surfer into thinking the site has more content than it actually does. At Beach Hunters they know thereís a ton of content for you to browse through so thereís no need to fake it. The numbers are as follows: 141,516 pictures and 4,702 video clips. Itís a staggering collection and I can see why theyíve been able to attract so many members.

Members area of Beach Hunters #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Beach Hunters #2
members area screenshot #2

The first page I recommend visiting is the top list. There youíll find the highest rated content the site has ever seen. You can see the highest rated individual pictures and videos as well as the highest rated picture and video sets. The voting is from 1-5 and there are plenty of sets that have garnered the full 5 from each of their voters. The best picture I saw was of a woman sitting on her manís face. It was taken from above and the entire set features him munching on her box from below. Heís got a rock hard cock the whole time.

Not surprisingly the highest rated video of all time features a hot couple fucking on the beach. The camera is placed behind them and they have no idea that itís there. The guy takes a picture of his woman sucking his cock and then he lies down on top of her and fucks her missionary style. When theyíre finished they get up and go for a swim in the warm ocean water. The videos are the strongest element of Beach Hunters. Theyíre available in HD and three other resolutions if youíre on a slower connection. The best part is theyíre all filmed without the knowledge of the participants.

Thatís actually what makes Beach Hunters a great site. Thereís no way of knowing if these people are actually unaware of the cameraís presence but by all accounts they have no idea. They never look into the lens and they certainly donít censor themselves. They walk around nude, play with themselves and fuck as if theyíre all alone. Itís true voyeur content and as such it stands apart from almost all other voyeur sites on the web. Most canít hope to provide real content.

There are tons of pictures at Beach Hunters, which is why their organizational system is so handy. First, there are four categories: changing room, nudism, sex on the beach and topless. You can search within those categories or simply search the entire collection. Options for narrowing down your search include age range, body type and the how many people youíll see (solo girl, girl-girl or boy-girl). Because the search system is simple it works flawlessly.

They update every week adding 5-10 new sets. Youíll find sets that are just pictures, just videos and some that have both. Sex is that rarest of the content types but then itís pretty rare to see people fucking at the beach, even if they think theyíre totally alone. More often youíll see pictures and videos of women walking around naked. They usually select good looking women so theyíre definitely pleasant to look at. If youíd like to share your thoughts they offer a forum in which to do so.


Beach Hunters is one of the best voyeur sites on the web. The images and pictures they provide are genuine and they show just how frisky people can get. Taken at nude beaches in Europe mostly, the pictures and videos show couples fucking, hot chicks swimming and frolicking and the occasional lesbian duo showing us all how magical girl on girl love can be. Updates are made once a week and they add at least 5 sites during that time. This is a must see for all voyeurism fans.

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